John Carpenter's "TRIBUTE" (A tribute to John Carpenter's Movies)

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01- .cut vs Bad Rabbit (aka Blackula) - Marsbar? Darkstar! [DARK STAR]
02- Fukk Norris vs EDML - Sweet Assault Mix [ASSAULT]
03- Giscard le Survivant vs Planetaldol - Allô Houine [HALLOWEEN]
04- Roswell Conspiracy - Fog [THE FOG]
05- Kidding Kurrys - Escape from New York [ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK]
06- Storm of Capricorn vs Neon Rain - The Thing [THE THING]
07- Shizuka - The Thing [THE THING]
08- Amnesy - Christine (her name is) [CHRISTINE]
09- Neon Rain - All I have to do is dream [STAR MAN]
10- Cheerleader69 - Lo Pan [BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA]
11- .cut vs The Vomit Arsonist - Wait A Minute, This Is Not Rabbit...[BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA]
12- Circle of Mask VS Bran Terror - Le Prince des Ténèbres [PRINCE OF DARKNESS]
13- Electronic Press Kit - They Live [THEY LIVE]
14- Momijii - Invisible Man [MEMORIES OF AN INVISIBLE MAN]
15- MG42 - Darkness is A Terrible Thing To Taste [IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS]
17- Shizuka - Escape From Los Angeles [ESCAPE FROM L.A.]
18- Jeff - Bloody Meal [VAMPIRES]
19- THAFS - Fluid Injection [VAMPIRES]
20- .cut vs Mr Malinou - Lovely red, lonely dead [GHOSTS OF MARS]